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my Pa loves sports
in any shape or form, goes to games
to watch, and on tv, mostly football, basketball, and track --

my Ma & Pa are retired
and our family home, in the suburbs
is next to a Presbyterian Church
which added a private school component
back in the 80s during the middle class
flight from bussing laws --

so, one day last year, my Pa
steps over to the recently constructed
chainlink fence, that separates us
from the schoolyard, to watch the kids
playing basketball --

and one little pint-sized bastard started pointing
and yelling Hey what are you looking at?
you must be a pervert get out of here!

we all know how these intimidations and insinuations
work these days -- my folks are good people --
my Pa didn't want any trouble
and has refrained from watching the games next door
ever since

--mark weber