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Zerx CD Releases by J. A. Deane & Co.

#010 - Todd Moore & J. A. Deane - THE NAME IS DILLINGER
John Dillinger was not a killer, he was a bank robber. Sorta different. This is a radio version. We took the 42-minute title track and fleshed it out with front & back interviews w/ the author so that it fills a radio hour. That means if you’re a disk jockey you can go take a nap. ( the title track is also found on Zerx 039.) Remainder of CD - filled to the brim - rare ( as in bloody) un-holy utterances from Todd “Keep Your Hands Up in the Air” Moore. Limited Edition.
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#013 - J.A. Deane - OUT OF CONTEXT
Frank Sinatra dies May 14, 1998. Four days later Dino led this ten-piece ensemble through the purgatory at the Outpost Performance Space here in Albuquerque. Conducted improvisation. Redemption. Spring-loaded. Evanescent ghost & frozen time. Music rating: 374

#015 - J.A. Deane & Mark Weber - VEHICLE VORTEX VERTIGO
Hubcaps & poetry. Used cars three year warranty. We were asked to do this installation at an art gallery for this city-wide cultural provocation on the theme of auto transportation. Autotransportation? ( We used a volunteer for the levitation portion of our act but there was something wrong with the foot pedals. )

#020 - J.A. Deane - SOLODINO
The trombone as space ship. Seance. Conveyance to the other side. Eine Kleine nachtmusik. When I made the Linocut for this sleeve I forgot to mirror-image the letters (oops) but Colleen insisted I leave it because it looks like the words are on a glass wall and we’re inside looking out.
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#024 - Al Faaet & J.A. Deane - GRAND CROSS ECLIPSE
Percussion & trombone/ electronics. Meteoric engagement. Cumulative effect. Eine Kleine buenas noches nachtfockingmusik. This thing’ll blow the top of your house off. When I played one of the tracks on my radio show at KUNM a listener suffering from cerebral cortical atrophy called to tell me, in slow measured fuming tones: “That record you are playing right now I want you to JAM IT UP YOUR ASS!” Actually, it’s our best seller here at Zerx Industries. Music rating: brutal.

#028 - J.A. Deane - THESE TIMES
You gotta see this one to believe it. Take it out for a spin. Test drive at $10 each o/b/o. Dino in Boston, 1988, with 4 drum machines and 2 guitarist, one of whom is Bill Frisell.

#032 - J.A. Deane Out of Context - NEVER NEVER LAND
Come with us now to thee thrilling days of yesteryear, cushioned by the sumptuous sonorous harmonies on this peter pan voyage to discovery. Ten-piece ensemble amidst silent movie. David Prince of THE SANTA FE REPORTER picked this one of the FIVE BEST OF 2001. Music rating: uncountable.

#039 - Todd Moore & J.A. Deane - DILLINGER double-CD
6 years in the making this blows any other “spoken word” CD out of the water. With a .44 magnum. ( I usually run for cover whenever someone uses that term “spoken word” - leave that one for the wussies.) Todd illuminates the abandoned soul of John Dillinger. Dino breaks open the Gates of Hell. Not for the squeamish. When an hour of Dillinger was broadcast over the radio one Sunday afternoon back in 1997, KUNM was inundated by calls from frightened listeners, huge flocks of crows blackened the skies over Albuquerque, and the churches had record attendances for that evening’s observances.

#044 - J.A. Deane - HEX w/ Myra Melford & Joseph Sabella
Jezus, how many masterpieces is one guy allowed, huh ? Will somebody please tell Dino he can hang up his headphones we’re impressed already, okay ? Add 4, carry the 6, multiply by 7.
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