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New Book : Plain Old Boogie Long Division

New book now available !

"Plain Old Boogie Long Division "
Mark Weber

73 Poems and one long prose boogie disquisition

A whole 144 pages in all

"Mark Weber has the authenticity of a born-in, lived-in poetic soma. His poetry will cause you to percieve the sublime in the ordinary and put you in contact with the ordinary common humanity in the sublime " - Connie Cruthers

... no, mark weber still thinks chap books are the best forum for poems even tho, he has this new book on BURNING BOOKS PRESS.

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Special price $12 ppd from ZERX PRESS

And /or from BURNING BOOKS PRESS , PO Box 2638, Santa Fe, NM 87504
burningbooks.org /email: brnbx@nets.com


the world is just
too much
for some of us
coming on strong
we grip the teeth
of this monster
pulling ourselves
of it's throat
it's gullet churning
and sucking
at our toes

[ an excerpt from " plain old boogie long division"/ Mark Weber]


Photos - at the Radio Station

Some Photos of your humble DJ driving the KUNM radio Spaceship to the sonic heavens.
.... Photos by the indisputable Rob Raucci , 8/17/06

Beam Me Up Scotty ! ( Lafaro, that is).


Review of Plain Old Boogie Long Division

A review by Daryl Rogers
at Gypsymag #4

Plain Old Boogie Long Division

Mark Weber is a bird, albeit a big one, a man who took part in staged fist fights when he was a teenager and expresses anguish over vacuuming up a bug in his latest collection of poems. Big Web is an Okie who wound up in Cucamonga, California, a guy that can get off on some aural, mathematical construct by Coltrane, Bird or Monk and then cue up one of George Jones’ crying-in-your-beer-honky-tonk masterpieces as if no gap existed between the two. (All That Jazz, KUNM, Thursdays,2:00PM EST.)
This collection, of poems and prose pieces, is a lot like that. Just look at his photo: the one in the papaw, with hair hanging down like Don Van Vliet, and picture him holding down a teaching position. But the photo of Mark in his old pickup says something else. He’s laughing, and his face is the face of a healthy, humorous, warm, hospitable man ... a man that’s overcome a heroin addicttion, alcoholism and spanked those monkeys till they laughed out loud. Plain Old Boogie Long Division is one crazy grab bag of stories, tempo experiments ( ala Creely by way of a Muddy Waters biography), and narrative poems that express a love of the commonplace common to Joyce, Hemingway, WCW, Gary Snyder and Merle Haggard. If you own a copy of Leaves of Grass, Kaddish, On the Road, Hank Williams’ Greatest Hits, or anything by Li Po or Robert Johnson, then do yourself a favor and order this sunlit book of living poetry.

144 pp. $12 ppd. from :
Mark Weber
725 Van Buren Place SE,
Albuquerque, NM 87108