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Mark Weber comments: A. Barnhouse makes their brilliant debut on Zerx, actually just a taste, with 2 selections from a concert at the Outpost Performance Space during the Creative Soundspace Festival 2007.
But, first, whatNtheHell does "A. Barnhouse" mean, what is the name all about? I had to ask, I'm the producer. That's the producer's job. "So, you stuck a sock in the saxophone bell and stood on one leg, why?" (Note: A. Barnhouse isn't that weird) (that's something I saw John Zorn do in the mid-70s) (I've found that on the web a person should double-explain everything) (why am I whispering?) Anyway, Carlos Santistevan of A. Barnhouse give us these clues:

Definitions of A. Barnhouse:

  • place: origin of numerous non-vegetarian delights
  • name: An individual with a First name that starts with A and has a surname of Barnhouse (rare: 1 in 100000 families; popularity rank in the U.S.: #17056)
  • musical ensemble: the thing you do when you revert to your adolescence, never mind the mess