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A Quincy Memorial

A few photos from today are at http://streaminghotcoffee.org/Q
Photos by Craig Goldsmith

well, the Irish would say that
Quincy is in the clover
and Quincy certainly had a large dose of that crazy Celtic blood in him
as you can see from Craig's good photographs
clover wouldn't last three minutes out here in the Wild West
Quincy's ashes were left under that old juniper
right on the eastern edge of the Laguna Pueblo lands
next to an old remnant of Rt.66
so he can listen to the cars roll by
western bank of the Rio Puerco
in full view of the Gallinas Mountains to the south
the Sandias and Monzanos to the east
Mt Taylor to the west
then, we made it back into town
to the American Legion Post
for a gathering and tall tales surrounding the legend of Q
(the slim girl with cap is Quincy's sister Kimberly from Durango)
it was a good thing
to hear the words
of so many that worked with Quincy, hip hop culture, avant garde folkies,
jazzers, rockers, rap stars, gospel singers, poets, country dudes,
nuns, politicos, gangsters, winos, come one come all, Quincy
brought the best out of them............
................mark weber