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Words on Words

coming soon on Albuzerque vol 27 ........

Try Being Alive in THIS World is a portrait in sound and words of episodes in the internal life of one of our latent citizens: a female who ranges the lanes and aisles of an enormous purchase and exchange arena (K-Mart in this instance).

She hears voices and speaks in tongues--some familiar, some unknown: haughty animals, machine deities, dangerous babies and celestial teenagers, utopian migrant laborers, jaded dream and faded jean inseam workers. She attempts to live in her time--a type of salvation available, maybe, if she follows her own advice, or...capitulates completely to the offering.

--Melody Sumner Carnahan, apr07

[Sumner Carnahan's words on ZERZ vol. 27 are from See You In Hell, a video-audio installation in collaboration with artist Michael Sumner, along with sound designer Dino J.A. Deane and vocalist Elizabeth Wiseman, which premiered at MOV-in Gallery, College of Santa Fe, 2006. Here excerpted and redesigned for audio CD by Deane, 2007.]