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ALBUzerxQue Compilation

#022 - ALBUzerxQUE Vol 1 - compilation of New Mexico
My greatest invention. Some people call these things “samplers” akin to them embroidery and needlework delicacies those dear 19th century maidens stitched together. Just like that. Here we got just about everybody in the Zerx catalog including JB, and Manny Rettinger, and the late dearly departed poet Dick Barnes.

#023 - ALBUZERXQUE Vol. 2
Carla Kay Barlow’s Egyptian elevators, Simon Ortiz, Steve Peters, Chris Allen/Jon Gagan/Lewis Winn, Bayou Seco, Dave Nielsen/Al Faaet/Kurt Heyl....

#030 - ALBUZERXQUE Vol. 3
Steve M Miller pc for Willa, Mitch Rayes, Dino, The Legendary Jimmy Hamm, Protuberance, Lisa Gill, Kanoa Kaluhiwa Trio, Bonefied, Martian Funk....

#031 - ALBUzerxQUE Vol. 4
Janet Feder, Kell Robertson, ORJO, Bayou Seco, Joe Somoza, Michael Anthony, Zimbabwe Nkenya, Gerald Locklin, Tom Guralnick/David Moss, & More.

#033 - albuZERXque Vol. 5
Simon Ortiz sings ! Kurt Nimmo, Lisa Polizar, Alicia Ultan, (Bubbadinos are on every ALBUZERXQUE), Todd Moore, Woody & Boomer, TGI / D. Moss, Joseph Sabella, Lewis Winn / Jon Gagan, Protuberance, etc .....

#035 - ALBUZERXQUE Vol. 6
Larry Goodell, Courtney Smith, Brent Leake, Mark LeClaire / Jon Baldwin, Judson Crews, Dennis Dillon, Selsun Blue, Carla K Barlow, Robert Creely, AMH trio ( a/ Alan “The Barn Owl” Lechuza)& More.

#037 - ALBUzerxQUE Vol. 7
Tony Cesarano, Fred Sturm, Gamelan Encantada, Janet Feder, Ray Zepeda, Katie Harlow, Chris Shultis, Jeff Bryan (aka JB), Out of Context, much more ....

#038 - ALBUZERXQUE Vol. 8
Lisa Gill / Mitch Rayes, Kell, Woody & Boomer (David Parlato & Michael Anthony), Brent Leake, Mark Weaver, ORJO, Steven M Miller, ....

#040 - ALBUZERXQUE Vol. 9
Steve Peters, Stefan Dill, Mary Redhouse, Socorro Romo, Fred Sturm, among many others. 23 tracks.

#042 - ALBUZERXQUE Vol. 10
Lisa Gill’s numbers poem, Janet Feder rendering a Michael Vlatkovich composition ( she on prepared guitar), Todd Moore, High Desert Duo, Mark Weaver / Vlatkovich, ( Michael Vlatkovich is a jazz trombonist to the tenth power), NYC hard-boiled crime novelist Lawrence Block, Michael Vlatkovich’s “Londonderry Error” aka “ Country Music”, and John Tritica, and more. 18 tracks.

#045 - ALBUzerxQUE Vol. 11
Miriam Sagan, Mary Redhouse, Al Faaet, Mitch Rayes, Michael Vlatkovich, Chris Shultis, &c. 17 tracks.

#46 - ALBUZERXQUE Vol. 12
Michael Anthony, Alan Lechusza, Steve Terrell, Theo Keely-LeClaire, Bayou Seco, Uncle Stevie, J.A. Deane, Stefan Dill, & more. 24 tracks.

#050 - ALBUZERXQUE Vol. 13
The folkified compilation with Ken Keppler, Fred Sturm, Stefan Dill, Mitch Rayes “ Carp Song”, Janet Feder playing Bach, and much much more.

#052 - ALBUZERXQUE Vol 14
Michael Vlatkovich, Bill Pearlman, Lisa Gill, Todd Moore, Daniel Davis, Vlatkovich-Weaver Duo, Bubbadinos, Jeff Bryan, High Desert duo, Mark Weber, Mitch Rayes, Stefan Dill, Simon Ortiz.

#055 - ALBUZERXQUE Vol 15
Mark Weber, Gerald Locklin, CK Barlow, Melody Sumner Carnahan, Mark Weaver, Bob Swearingen, Bayou Seco, Out of Context, Chris Shultis.

#056 - ALBUZERXQUE Vol 16
Jonathan Konrad & Mike Balistreri, J A Deane , Bob Swearingen, Dottie Grossman, Melody Sumner Carnahan, Mark Weber, Mary Oishi, Mitch Rayes, Le Quan Ninh .

#057 - ALBUZERXQUE Vol 17
J A Deane , Lisa Gill, Chris Shultis, Mark Weber, Bing, Todd Moore & M Weber, Weber & Vlatkovich, Bayou Seco, Gerald Locklin, Connie Crothers, Richard Tabnik, CK Barlow, Field Recordings, Gene Frumkin.

#059 - ALBUZERXQUE Vol 18
Connie Crothers & Mark Weber, Brassum, Todd Moore, Weber & Kurt Heyl, Gerald Locklin, M Weber Poetry Band, Dottie Grossman & Vlatkovich Trio, Jeff Gburek, Sraddha, Brent Leake, Ken Keppler, Bayou Seco.



#063 - ALBUZERXQUE Vol 21
Paul Lombardi, Al Faaet, Rumble Trio, Todd Moore, Tom Guralnick & J A Deane, Mark Weber, The Lonesome Shack, Bayou Seco, Achang, Paul Gonzales, Dottie Grossman, Submersible Trio , Keif Henley & Weber, Out of Context.

#065 - ALBUZERXQUE Vol 22
Alicia Ultan , M Weber, Bayou Seco, Todd Moore, The Bubbadinos, Bill Payne & Weber, Melody Sumner Carnahan, Steve Terrell and the Desperados, Vlatkovich&Payne&William Roper, Weber Poetry Band, Gerald Locklin.

#067 - ALBUZERXQUE Vol 23
Bobby Bradford Mo’Tet , Bill Payne, Dimi Disanti Trio, Todd Moore, Vlatkovich-Roper-Payne, Outpost Repertory Jazz Orch, Mark Weber, Jonathan Baldwin, Alicia Ultan, Kurt Heyl & Mark Weber, Weber Poetry Band, Mitch Rayes, Jonathan Baldwin Trio, Jeff “JB” Bryan, Payne & Weber, Stefan Dill String Quartet, Lisa Gill, Vlatkovich-Roper-Payne, Todd Moore.

#069 - ALBUZERXQUE Vol 24
J A Deane , Janet Feder & Mark Weber, Melody Sumner Carnahan, Jefferson Voorhees, Qut of Context, Mitch Rayes, Dave Neilsen -Kurt Heyl -Al Faaet, Dave Wayne, Han Bennink -Michael Moore -Mark Weber, Weber & Bayou Seco , JA Deane- Kurt Heyl- Dave Neilsen, Gerald Locklin, Bubba D.

#070 - ALBUZERXQUE Vol 25
Dave Neilsen-JA Deane-Kurt Heyl, Southwest Jazz Orchestra, Janet Feder, The Bubbadinos, BubbaD - Harlan Katlow-Big Web, Weber & Bayou Seco , The Chris Ishee Trio, C K Barlow, Dottie Grossman & Michael Vlatkovitch, Out of Context, Michael Anthony, Jim Fox , Quincy’s Birds !, The Lonesome Shack .

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